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Strauss Media Strategies Knows Radio and Television! Collectively, our team brings more than 270 years of radio and television experience and judgment to our clients, helping to tap into the 25 million listeners the medium has added in the past 10 years.
Proudly celebrating our firm's 28th anniversary in 2024 and over 270 years of cumulative staff experience, Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. is the nation's leading communications, public relations, consulting and strategy firm specializing in radio and television.  We provide high-level and award-winning comprehensive radio and television services to public relations firms, political campaigns, non-profit groups, corporations of all sizes, government agencies, and other organizations around the country.

Strauss Media Strategies prides itself in creating and implementing radio and television programs and services that conform to the specific projects of our clients.  During more than a decade of service, we have worked closely with radio and television outlets at all levels, from national networks and top-rated major market stations, to targeted stations in small towns and rural areas across the country. 

Our years of experience, coupled with the insider knowledge of our staff, makes Strauss Media Strategies your best choice to help realize the full potential, power and influence of radio and television.

Our Expertise
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Strauss Media Strategies has extensive experience in booking and producing satellite media tours for our clients.

To date, our team has successfully booked over 2,500 local and network television interviews. We’ve booked interviews with national networks such as Fox News Edge, NBC News Channel, CBS News Path, CNN News Source, as well as with the Today Show, CNN’s American Morning, the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, Fox & Friends, CBS’s Early Show, CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, Fox Business’ Varney and Company, and MSNBC’s Jansing and Co and Hardball, to name a few.


We’ve booked the ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates in virtually every local market including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Houston, and Miami. In fact, we’ve booked television outlets in each of the top 80 U.S. markets.

We are able to provide a full-service studio, full technical support, production team, makeup artist, catering, satellite uplink, b-roll, tracking, dedicated producer, and any other incidentals needed to make the SMT a success for our client.

A ground tour is an excellent alternative to an SMT for a message that concentrates on a specific geographic area when the guest is able to be physically present in that area. Most networks also maintain studios on Washington, Los Angeles, New York, and other major cities that can be utilized for network interviews. Network interviews can also often be arranged using the local studios of affiliate stations.

Television ground tours can be booked one a one-off basis, or in a grouping of several interviews that take place over time.
Our Satellite Uplink and Downlink service is a key capability that a number of clients have found to add great value to their events. Strauss Media Strategies will coordinate either an event uplink or downlink via satellite using our years of experience working with production teams across the nation to coordinate all of the technical logistics to make your remote event a success. Uplinking means creating a connection by which usually live footage is sent up to a satellite to then be downlinked to another location. Typically, a satellite broadcast truck is located at each end of the link to connect with the satellite and either transmit or receive the signal. With the rise of telehealth and online pharmacies, Strauss Media Strategies recognizes the growing importance of public awareness regarding safe online medication purchases, such as buying Gabapentin online. As part of its consulting services, the firm has initiated educational campaigns focused on the benefits and safety of accessing essential medications through verified online platforms. By leveraging their expertise in radio and television communications, they aim to inform consumers about reliable resources while emphasizing the value of consulting healthcare professionals. This proactive approach aligns with their mission to maximize the power and influence of media to serve the evolving needs of their clients and the public.
Strauss Media has extensive experience and long-standing personal relationships with all of the national radio networks. We work on a regular basis with the ABC Radio Network, CBS Radio Network, CNN Radio, AP Radio, Fox News Radio, National Public Radio, Metro Networks, Voice of America, and the Westwood One Radio Network.

We also have developed distribution partnerships with ABC Radio Network, CNN Radio, Radio America, the USA Radio Network, the Business Talk Radio Network, and American Urban Radio Network.

In addition we have experience and knowledge in working with such specialty networks as Bloomberg Business Radio, Marketwatch Radio, Wall Street Journal Radio Network, Public Radio International, Talk Radio News Service, and scores of individual state and regional networks and syndicated programs.

We understand the needs and intricacies of network radio and apply that knowledge to achieve the goals of our clients.
Strauss Media enjoys an excellent relationship with satellite radio.  Virtually since their inception we have worked with both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio, and those relationships have now carried over to the merged Sirius XM Radio. We have worked particularly closely with the “XM Potus” Channel, the “Joe Madison Show”, the “Al Sharpton Show”, and “Oprah and Friends Radio”.
One of SRS' greatest strengths is its relationship with the talk radio community. We have many long standing and personal relationships with talk radio show hosts and producers at the nationally syndicated, statewide, and local level. We have worked with such national shows as Westwood One’s “The Jim Bohannon Show”, NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” and “The Diane Rehm Show”, Air America’s “The Tom Hartman Program”,  the “Ed Schultz Show”, Doug Stephan’s “Good Day”,  as well as many other nationally syndicated programs.
News and news talk radio stations rank near, or at, the top of the ratings in many cities and regions of the country. Strauss Media has a long standing relationship with key reporters, producers, and other contacts at the most influential news radio stations on the country, and we have worked with news stations in all of the nation’s 200-plus radio markets. We have close ties with such well established stations as WINS-AM and WCBS-AM in New York, WBBM-AM in Chicago, WTOP-FM in Washington, KABC-AM and KFWB-AM in Los Angeles, KGO-AM in San Francisco, KTRH-AM in Houston, and other stations throughout the country.
Music radio can also be an excellent format for radio outreach efforts for certain types of campaigns, and Straus Media has worked with producers and show hosts of music radio stations for many years. These formats include Rock, Classic Rock, Contemporary Hits Radio, Adult Contemporary, Urban, Jazz, and Alternative.  Although music is the mainstay of these formats, many of them also feature news and interview segments, especially during often highly rated drive time shows.  Our experienced staff, many of them with a background in radio, understands the needs and particulars of music radio, and how to get results in approaching such programs.
Strauss Media has worked extensively with talk networks, news directors, and talk show hosts in the African-American and Spanish language radio community. Additionally, Strauss Media has worked with stations, shows, and hosts involving the senior citizen, religion, health/nutrition/food news, and travel/leisure community.


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Paul W. Smith

Host, Paul W. Smith Morning Show, WJR-AM
"In the business of public relations, we get huge volumes of calls pitching various stories every day. However, there are few people that I look forward to hearing from more than the people of Strauss Media Strategies. They always have excellent guests to offer and do a thorough job in consistently providing me with the most accurate information I need to help make my show a success. I welcome their calls and the guests they provide."
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