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Senior Account Executive

After 25 years in television news, Brendan O'Connell is excited to have joined the staff of Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. in October 2017 as a senior account executive.

Considered by most to be an expert in the inner-workings and decision-making processes in local television news, prior to joining the Strauss team, Brendan spent almost 19 years as mostly senior assignment editor at Fox 5 in Washington DC (WTTG-TV). Prior to that, Brendan spent 6 years at NBC 11 in Baltimore, MD (WBAL-TV).

From covering and working on 9/11, the DC-area snipers to numerous presidential elections and Inaugurations, Brendan has covered most major events in the DC area for decades. In fact, Brendan was recently nominated for a prestigious Emmy Award for breaking news coverage.

One of Brendan’s hobbies is acting and he has acted on the TV shows VEEP and House of Cards. Brendan and his wife Rachel have five kids, they live in Maryland. He holds degrees in Mass Communications and Political Science from Towson University.


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