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Raúl joined Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. in February, 2005 and was named Account Executive Coordinator in the Fall of 2006, Account Executive Supervisor in July, 2008 and Account Director in January, 2015. Raúl brings with him an enormous amount of enthusiasm and energy to the world of radio and television media relations.

Prior to joining the firm, Raúl worked for two years as the radio director for the Senate Democratic Caucus under Senator Daschle, helping book Senators on talk shows and capturing and creating soundbites for radio shows and news producers nationwide. He also provided technical support and audio production for Democratic message events, including press conferences, conference calls, and summits.

Before moving to Washington, D.C., Raúl worked in Texas on the 2002 Ron Kirk campaign for United States Senate. He spearheaded the campaign’s radio outreach effort, researching, pitching and monitoring the airwaves of the state of Texas. Raúl has also worked on a number of other political campaigns throughout the country and discovered his interest in the communications field working endless hours implementing the various campaigns’ communication strategies.

As a native Spanish speaker, with ties to El Salvador, Raúl has taken advantage of his intimate Spanish knowledge to seize Spanish language communication opportunities that had been previously overlooked. Raúl has experience with Spanish translation and has played leading roles in putting together Hispanic-based conferences and meetings.

Raúl has degrees in political science and philosophy from Bucknell University and has roots in New Jersey and in the Bronx, making him a legitimate New York Yankees fan.

If you would like to contact Raul, send him an e-mail. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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