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Another television-related service that Strauss Media Strategies offers is satellite uplinks and downlinks for events or conferences

Our Satellite Uplink and Downlink service is a key capability that a number of clients have found to add great value to their events. Strauss Media Strategies will coordinate either an event uplink or downlink via satellite using our years of experience working with production teams across the nation to coordinate all of the technical logistics to make your remote event a success. Uplinking means creating a connection by which usually live footage is sent up to a satellite to then be downlinked to another location. Typically, a satellite broadcast truck is located at each end of the link to connect with the satellite and either transmit or receive the signal.


Strauss Media Strategies can coordinate the uplink of any broadcast throughout the world for use at either another event or broadcast by members of the news media. Strauss Media will coordinate any and all necessary technical needs, including uplink trucks, engineers, cameras and camera operators, lighting, makeup and catering, etc. in order to make sure that the remote event, interview or footage is successfully placed up on a satellite that can be downlinked from another location.


Similar to our Uplink capabilities, Strauss Media Strategies can coordinate all of the technical requirements necessary for the successful downlink of footage already currently up on a satellite. This service has been used to bring in footage of remote speakers to events, to re- broadcast live event footage taking place at another location, and can be done to virtually any location. Strauss Media Strategies will coordinate all of the necessary technical details, which can range from simply arranging for a downlink truck to a complete presentation package with truck, crew, cabling, video monitors and sound for the downlink location.

Please contact us to schedule an uplink or downlink for your next event or conference.

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