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Podcasts are a user friendly and creative way to get what is essentially a broadcast message into the hands of consumers.  A podcast is a recorded program or message, usually one to three minutes in length that can be downloaded so that the user can listen at will, using an MP3 player or a computer for playback.  Podcasts can be individually downloaded, and if a user subscribes to a podcast series, each update of the podcast in that series will automatically be downloaded to the users recording device. This is accomplished by listing the podcast on iTunes and other internet podcast directories, and establishing what is known as an RSS feed that “pushes” the podcast to the subscribers recording device.

Podcasts and the RSS feed can either be hosted by Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. or provided directly to a client for placement on the organization’s web site.  In most cases the most efficient option is to have the podcast hosted on an Strauss Media Strategies server that is specifically used for this purpose.  The podcast can then seamlessly be accessed through links on the organizations web site, various other web sites, and can be easily and automatically pushed to a subscribers MP3 player (such as an iPod) or other digital recording device.

Podcasts can be created on a one-time, single message basis, or they can be created as an ongoing series of periodically updated messages discussing the same general issue or theme.  Podcasts can be voiced by professional voice talent, or by a designated spokesperson or celebrity.

While the total audience for most podcasts is smaller than a message that is distributed for actual broadcast over radio outlets, a podcast has the distinct advantage of reaching a self-selected audience.  Because a user proactively makes the decision to download and subscribe to a podcast, it is self evident that the user is actively interested in the subject and therefore the message that is contained in the podcast.  Podcasts can be a very friendly and creative way of keeping a community of interest informed and updated about concerns and issues of mutual interest.  Podcasts are also an effective public education tool for a motivated self-selected audience.

Strauss Media Strategies recently produced a podcast for the Public Relations Society of America's "The Future of News" roundtable which was held on September 24, 2009 at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel. You can listen to the podcast by clicking the link below:

Listen to the live podcast from PRSA's "The Future of News" roundtable:

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